The Ark of the Covenant - Ron Wyatt


On January 6th 1982 at 2:00 Pm in the afternoon, I broke into a chamber beneath the Calvary, ascarfment north of the city wall of Jerusalem


in that chamber, is the Ark of the Covenant, the Table of Show Bread and several other things that I didn't see. They were covered with animal skins, with boards and then with stones


We had excavated down that escarpment. We had found three cut outs in the wall like a recess bookcase. We know from the valley north of Jersusalem


that the ancient kings and rulers cut these things out in cliffs near populus areas, or where a lot of people would be going by and they put plaques


of stone and whatever else in their bearing messages. We found the cut outs we found the cross hole. If you read in the book of Matthew and the Gospels,


where it talks about Christ's death, it says, the Earth shook violently and the rocks were rent right to the left of the cross hole at the base


of where Christ died on the cross. The rock was rent after Christ died and the centurion stuck his spear into Christ's spleen


and the blood and water came out. It went down through that crack. It went on to the mercy seat of the Ark of the Covenant that God had arranged to be hidden in that chamber 600


years before Christ died. Now what is the significance of this? Psalms 77:13 says; Thy way, O God is in the sanctuary


on the Day of a Atonement the goat that represented Christ as the sin bearer after all of the sins were figuratively, transferred to its head was killed. It's blood


was taken into the most holy place and sprinkled on the mercy seat. Those folks look forward to the fact that Christ would die. They confessed their sins on the head of lambs


and took the lives of these innocent little animals. We by faith believe that Christ has indeed died. And we, in praying to God


in Christ name received forgiveness of our sins by faith in that fact. The reason I dug in that particular place was an unusual thing that happened to me, I was walking by there and my son's and I gone to Israel to get chariot parts out of the Red Sea, due to my ignorance and carelessness I got sunburn so bad that my feet and legs swelled up so much I could't get into my diving gear so I was up hobbling around Jeruselum waiting for the date that was on our ticket, we got one of those cheap tickets that you can only fly on the proper date


was walking along there and my left hand went out and my mouth said that is Jeremiah's grotto and The Ark of the Covenent is in there well I didn't do that deliberately it happened without my mental intent to do so and I knew some supernatural power had used my arm and my voice and I wasn't sure which, so I went home and started checking to see why the Ark of the Covenant might be there and the research indicated that quite likely would be there.


The Ark of the Covenant most likely was carried out of the temple and hidden in this chamber during the 28 days between the times that in Zedekiah's fled the city and the occasion when the Babylonian army came and destroyed the city, temple and palaces and all that at that point of time many people were probably being buried, I wasn't there I don't know, but it seemed like an opportunity to do that. Now then if the priest just took The Ark of the Covenant and started carrying it out into a cave the Babylonian army would get a glimpse of it and if the Jewish people in the city would have got a glimpse of it there would be a real hub bub if you know what I mean so it appears that put behind a thin wall sown box making it appear as just another burial now, when I found the Ark of the Covenant it was in a stone box and the lid had been busted and slid around, one end of it was slid around to the side and dried blood was on both edges


that broken lid and of course later when I had access to the mercy seat itself there was large quantities of dried blood and serum on it normally crucifixions didn't involve a whole lot of blood however it is stated that they want to make sure that Christ was dead, so they stuck a spear in Him


and the blood and water gushed out so this was a bloody one, it is not ordinary blood folks, it has 24 chromosomes only, all of us here have 46 only unless you genetic anomalies that make that different but Christ received 23 from His mother and one Y sex determining factor


His Father, who was not a human father because if had he received that from a human father it would been accompanied by 22 autosomes, so now what this basically means is that His height His eye color His hair color and all of


this was supplied from the genes of His mother's gene pool, however Mary and Joseph both descended from David but none of us have 24 chromosomes and there's something else the Bible says you will not leave my soul in hell nor allow my body to see corruption. The blood of Christ is only dried out folks it is not dead, when we re-hydrated it with normal saline 72 hours of body temperature


with slight, very gentle swirling and put the white blood cells in a growth medium, 48 hours later we did at chromosome count I didn't I have people who are experts that sort of


thing to do these things for me. They asked me where did you get this blood? Whose blood is this? This was in Israel and I said, it is the Blood of your Messiah and I never saw people going to such a state of shock and fits and everything else as those people went into, and I said that's the blood of Jesus Christ. Well they knew,


they told me before I asked to when I asked them to perform this investigation that dried blood you can't get a chromosome count on it because the white blood cells have to be live and well in order to do that you can get DNA you can get some other things but you can not get a chromosome count so this blood is unique and it is Christ's Blood. When Christ was crucified the Romans had picked the place


the city wall where most everybody that came and went. They passed on their way to Joppa, they passed here on their way to Damascus on their way to Jericho.


On their way, to Anatoth and all of these other places. They had to go along these this road on the north side of the city because to the


south, east and the west were big gullies. And you had to be pretty, you know, agile on your feet to go through those areas to get away from the city


. So they chose this place for the crucifixion, and they cut out three recessed areas into the rock face. That would hold signs


stating who the person was that was being crucified. And what his accusation was what he had been accused up. Well, in Christ case, He was Jesus


of Nazareth. However, Pilot said The King of the Jews and the Jews didn't like that. But he says what I have written, I have written. North of the city wall of Jerusalem


lies a beautiful garden right next to the crucifixion site. In that garden, less than 200 feet from the place that Jesus was crucified is a tomb


chiseled into the face of the cliff. Now we are going in, here we can see inside of the tomb. A very old cross. And here you can see, right back here it was dug out more presumably because Christ was


taller to accommodate Him. It was out this door that Christ walked, walked on this floor. ("He is not here, For He has risen" - sign) The chamber where I found The Ark of the Covenant has since been perfectly clean out


and The Ark of the Covenant, the Table of Show Bread, The Candle Stick, The Golden Alter of Incense they were all set out as they were in the earthly temple, except


that The Ark of the Covenant is setting against 12 foot long and 18 foot wide or high wall. The tables of stone were found in The Ark of the Covenant I personally removed them with the assistance of four angels who lifted the Mercy Seat


which I estimate weighs about 900 pounds of solid gold and one of these angels told me to take the tables of stone out there. He said, God wants everyone to see those and so


I took them out backed up, stood there frozen in place and well I just can not describe my physical state or mental state or anything else, if, you know if I did not have


physical evidence to prove it happened I think I had a dream or something, but anyway they are now available to be shown, I won't say, actually they are on the stone ledge right in the same chamber that is where the angel put them after I handed it to him because I did not what to do with them and I


was told that these are to be presented with the blood evidence when the Mark of the Beast Law is passed or enforced. Now, I know everyone wonders about what it is, the Mark of the Beast,


you have heard rumors and stories and all of this. I will tell you quick and simple, if you keep the 10 Commandments that God wrote upon these tables of stone and about which He says in Psalms 89:34


if you are writing down text you will want  this one, Psalms 89:34. He says, My Covenant will I not break nor alter the thing that has gone out of my lips, He spoke the 10 Commandments from the mountain top, wrote them in stone, He says, nothing will change. right, If you keep that law you will


receive the seal of God. Soon there will be a set of man made laws, best intentions surrounded by a barrage of false stories instigated by the devil to make you think


this is the best thing that ever happened to the human race that you could just go along with it voluntarily. These man made laws will require that you break God's 10 Commandments


Christ said to the Pharisees, for it is in vain that they do worship me teaching doctrines and commandments of men. If you keep those man made laws and break God's 10 Commandments you will receive


the Mark of the Beast. Now, what I would like every man, woman and child in this audience to remember if you forget everything else. Jesus Christ, the Son


of the living God, in full cooperation with His father, loved us to the point that they were willing to do that on our behalf. It is done folks. We have been


bought with a price, but it will do us no good, unless we go to the Father in the name and blood of His Son and ask for forgiveness and restoration to His likeness. Now as you can


see, I'm a fairly old man. There's been some experiences that I have encountered along the way, some helpful, some educational, some leaving scars


behind and all of that. But one important lesson I have learned when I first became aware of and had reason to believe that Christ had actually died for me,


and that eternal life was available on request. Well, I made that request, repeatedly, Lord, I want to be saved, I want to be in heaven and I want my Mom and Dad to


be there and my brothers and sisters and aunt so and so, and grandma and all of this.   I prayed those prayers. My life didn't change a bit. It was a mess. I did what


Paul said he did, something I knew that I shouldn't do, I ended up doing it. Things I wanted to do, good things, I never got around to it, couldn't manage it somewhere another. So I asked


the Lord to help me out of this horrible mess, and I was impressed to ask that He lay a burden for souls upon my heart that I could not resist. I started


praying for that. He did it and He loves everybody all over this earth. If He wants me to go around and share His wonderful artifacts and works of life, and He will let me


do it, I'll keep at it. When I started praying that God would change me and do whatever was necessary in my life so that He could work in and through me


to help others come to Him and be saved, things started to change. That's what I recommend that you do folks, that you ask the Father in the name and blood of His son to come into your life with the power of His Holy


Spirit, forgive you, cleanse you, help you to quit sinning and help you to reflect His character to the point that people will be drawn to him by your influence.


When I get to Heaven I want look around, and I want to see everyone of you there. You can make it with God's help. Christ is here tonight. He says, For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.  (Believe in Jesus Christ today before it is too late)


For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Romans 10:13